PRICES in US dollars. Unmounted specimens may need further trimming
   Minimum order $25.00.

HOW TO ORDER: Just e-mail  or or phone 613-475-9552.   When ordering please specify mineral #, mineral name, price, quantity and preference for mounting - Unmounted (U), Euro box (E) or North American box (N). All orders will be confirmed by e-mail giving total amount due. Please specify an alternate choice in case your first choice is sold out. Whenever fewer than 5 of any specimen are available the quantity is  indicated in our catalogue. Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

PAYMENT may be made by personal cheque, international money order, or any of the above credit cards. Do not send card information with your order. For security reasons we recommend you forward card number and expiry date in 2 separate e-mails.

We never keep credit card data on our systems  and  we never share our mailing lists with any other organisations.

Canadian residents please add GST (7%). Ontario residents add PST (8%) + GST.

Orders up to 500 grams - North America $10.00, Overseas $12.00.
Orders up to 1 kilogram - North America $ 15.00, Overseas $28.00.

Orders up to 2 kilograms - Overseas $42.00
Orders over $350.00 - Small Packet Air paid by us.


We are strongly suggesting that all orders be shipped via "Expedited International" or "Expedited US".  Small Packet Air does not have a tracking number so if the parcel gets lost it will be almost impossible to get a refund from any Postal Service on the parcel.  We will offer a 5% discount on all orders over $350.00US if you wish to have your parcel shipped "EXPEDITED"

Refund Policy