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This update (August 18, 2017) offers a very fine selection of specimens that have been high-graded (not once but twice). 

I have returned (to the supplier) anything that I thought unacceptable.  These pieces will be available until

September 7, 2017.  After that date they will also be returned to the supplier.

Any piece here could be added to the Simkev Collection! 


Most specimens are mounted in our standard Euro mount 25 x 25 x 25mm friction-fit black base - clear top micromount box.

We have decided that when we receive collections and mounted specimens we will NOT remount them.  Therefore specimens offered may be in a variety of boxes.


REFUND:  Simkev guarantees your order. Please see our Refund Policy 


- Please note:

      Photographs - Use the "Back" button to return.

-     Simkev Micromounts does not sell its customer list to anyone. 

-     We keep no credit card information on our system

  -       All new entries are underlined and highlighted in "teal" or red


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